Our Services

Amazon FBA, the United States special line, China-Europe railway special line, cross-border e-commerce offshore warehouse, international air freight, express delivery, shipping


International express

DHL Express,EMS Express,FEDEX Express,UPS Express, HongKong Post and other international express services

International air transportation

To provide you with reliable, peace of mind international air service, a variety of flexible delivery speeds and service options

International shipping

12 years of sea transportation experience, one-stop sea transportation service, transparent and reasonable price Aliquam suscipit felis a arcu

International packet

Focus on EMS international express, Hong Kong small bag, HongKong Post small bag, Hong Kong EMS and other international small bag quality service

China-europe railway

The company has focused on the European market for many years, and the senior team has 24 hours tracking response, strong customs clearance, safety and reliability

International warehousing

Provide economic and real-time overseas warehousing services, and realize the security, mechanization and network information of warehousing management